The THMS Thunder Band is comprised of 5 musical ensembles

Beginning Band

This ensemble is a great way to begin your student's musical journey. Students will get to try and will be fitted on either a Brass, Woodwind, or Percussion instrument. All musical skills are taught, no previous musical experience is necessary. This ensemble is open to grades 6-8.  There is little after school commitment, usually just 1 evening concert during the first semester. Financial help with the instrument and associated costs are available if needed. 

Intermediate Band

This ensemble is the next step after compleating beginning band, or some other ensemble based class in the previous year. This class is the natural next step after beginning band and aims to help refine student skills in a smaller group setting. This group is made up of primarily seventh grade students, with some sixth grade students being placed in here depending on their needs. The goal of this group is to graduate students out to advanced or symphonic bands when ready. 

Advanced Band

The Thunder Advanced Band is a 7th-8th grade ensemble that is designed for students with at least one full year of band experience. Placement in Advanced band is made at the discretion of the band directors. The focus of Advanced band is developing more ensemble skills and learning about more advanced musical topics. This group travels and represents the school at a variety of district events. 

Symphonic Band

This is the premier music ensemble of the Thunder Band. Designed for students with 2 years or more experience (or equivalent), this ensemble involves an audition process and/or good standing with the program before admittance can be granted. This group travels (such as the Spring Trip), performs at a variety of venues such as the Elementary school feeders and the nearby High School, and represents our band program at competitions such as the State Band Contest. 

Jazz Bands

THMS is proud to offer TWO jazz band classes. The Advanced "Jazz 1" with Mr. Davis and the "beginning Jazz 2" with Mr. Cordova. These groups meet before school at 8:25AM.  for rehearsal and students get many opportunities to perform at various events and band concerts at THMS. Students will learn improvisation, which is the art of coming up with a musical solo on the spot without written music. Students who don't play a traditional Jazz instrument (Trumpet/Trombone/Saxophone) will need to 'double', which means learn a secondary instrument that is one of the traditional Jazz Instruments. Getting musical lessons from a private teacher on their secondary instrument is a must in this case!